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Castaway Premium Roasted Coffee

Castaway Ocean Breeze Blend

Castaway Ocean Breeze Blend

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Ocean Breeze, our captivating light roast ground coffee that promises to brighten your day with its invigorating flavors. Energize your senses with each sip of this vibrant blend, carefully crafted to evoke the essence of a sunny day by the shore.

With its bright and refreshing profile, Ocean Breeze is your ticket to a mini escape with every cup. Let each sip be your invitation to a moment of tranquility, a warm embrace of paradise wherever you may be.

Embark on an adventure with Castaway Coffee and let the Ocean Breeze carry you away to a world of flavor and relaxation. Surrender to the allure of this delightful brew and set sail for brighter mornings ahead.

Available in bulk per pound, 16oz. bags in counts of 6 or 12, and a case of 42 - 2oz. frac packs. Only available as ground coffee. 

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