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Nestle Coffee-Mate Italian Sweet Cream Cups

Nestle Coffee-Mate Italian Sweet Cream Cups

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Add smooth, classic flavor to your coffee, tea, or cocoa with this Nestle Coffee-Mate Italian sweet cream liquid creamer! Its lightly sweet flavor and rich creaminess make a great complement to all of your hot beverage offerings. This premium creamer evokes the flavor of luscious Italian gelato with just a hint of decadent buttercream frosting! These portion control cups make a great addition to tabletops in your establishment or to a self-serve coffee station for busy guests on the go. Compared to bulk canisters of creamer, each pre-portioned cup contains just the right amount of creamer for a steaming cup of coffee or tea. Your patrons can order their hot beverages for take-out and grab one of these portion cups to take with them on the go!

These convenient creamer cups can be stored on your tables and near beverage stations without needing to be refrigerated, reducing costs due to spoilage and lost product. Keep them on hand any time you're serving a fresh pot of coffee, tea, or even hot cocoa!
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