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Non Dairy Creamer Packets

Non Dairy Creamer Packets

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Case Quantity: 1000

Perfect Portion Size

Your patrons can order their hot beverages for take-out and grab one of these nondairy creamer portion packets to take with them on the go! They're the perfect size to maintain portion control in your coffee business. Since each packet is only 2.5 grams, your customers or staff can take only the amount they need. Plus, since the packets are small in size they can fit in many packet holders.

Non-Dairy Formula

This non-dairy creamer will add a classic, smooth and creamy taste to any hot beverage. Since it is a cholesterol free, non-dairy, powdered formula it is especially great for areas with limited refrigeration. The shelf-stable packets have a longer shelf life than milk and reduce costs due to spoilage. Since they are so easy to store, keep them on hand anytime you're serving a fresh pot of coffee, tea, or even hot cocoa!

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