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Specialty SWP Decaf

Specialty SWP Decaf

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Flavor Profile: Approachable, Smooth, Balanced 

Welcome to our selection of Specialty SWP Decaf coffee, meticulously sourced to bring you the finest decaffeinated experience. After an extensive search, we discovered the Swiss Water Process (SWP) method, a natural, chemical-free approach to decaffeination.

Our commitment to providing natural, synthetic-free products means that all our decaf coffees undergo this gentle Swiss Water Process. Unlike traditional chemical methods, SWP uses only water and coffee particles to extract caffeine from the beans before roasting. This ensures that the coffee retains its quality, flavor, and integrity, giving you a delicious cup without compromising on taste.

Indulge in the caramel delight of our Specialty SWP Decaf, perfect for those seeking the rich flavors of coffee without the usual energy boost. Experience the difference of Swiss Water Process decaf and savor every sip, guilt-free.

Available in bulk per pound and 12oz. bags in counts of 6 or 12.

Available whole bean or ground for your convenience.

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